Berker IPT - ID terminal technology

Berker IPT (ID terminal technology)

Infinitely fast and safe – the insulation piercing terminal, IPT for short, is a flexible, future-proof electrical installation that you can count on at all times for efficiency, safety and reliability.

With ID terminal technology, we offer you a solution that enables sockets for medical devices and laboratory furniture to be connected up to three times faster than standard plug-in terminal connections. It results in even greater time savings compared to screw terminal connections.
The advantages of our ID terminal technology are that neither the single conductors nor the end of the cable have to be stripped during installation – up to two flexible 2.5 mm² conductors are simply pushed into the ID terminal.
After these conductors are pushed in, the socket is safe to touch and the conductors can be routed to the next socket. The reduced installation work results in significantly increased productivity for you.
The IPT socket with the Berker Integro standard range offers another option. This allows a varied scope of applications to be covered, from hospital equipment in the area of the ceiling supply unit in operating rooms, as well as the bed supply units, through to laboratory furniture equipment.

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